2 Aug 2014

Tasty Barbecue

If you around Maxwell Food Centre around after 6.00p.m.You will not miss the long queue this stall commands.
2 visits.

It's a western food stall selling limited western items.Curious enough I did make an affort to try out.
 In western I always go for my favourites. Lamp Chops and Pork Chops.

 Lamb Chop(Rack of lamb).$14.50..Served with some fries,mixed veges(frozen) a bun and mint sauce.The fries were average,mixed veges no comment...mint sauce was nice.

The lamb chops were quite big,it was sight of beauty,very fresh tasting,the sauce was okay, I thing.But lamb chop this time was not up to the mark.It was way under cooked,tough,chewy.What a waste of a beautiful chops.

Pork chops.$7.00.Served with fries,canned bake beans and bun.The sauce was the same for all the dishes there.The chop were big but over cooked,slight toughness,quite dry.

The problem here is the queue.Western food takes much more time and patient for nice cook.People are waiting in the queue  for a western food and they are cooking their stuff in a rush ,thus the dishes coming overcooked and under cooked.
They have good quality lamb chops but wasted by impatient .
Maybe chicken chop would flare better in this conditions.

This is only my experience.
A lot of people do like the dishes.The long queue starts even before they open.

Tasty Barbercue
Maxwell Food Centre
1 Kadayanallur Street
Monday to Friday
6 p.m - 10.00 p.m

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