9 Aug 2014

Tong Ji Mian Shi

The stall is decently decorated with some newspaper clippings on the wall..And the main attraction has to be...

Lor Mee with Fried Lotus Root.$4.00.A more than decent portion with half a egg,fried wanton,fish cake, braised lean meat and of course the fried lotus root. The sauce was flavourful,smooth with the right  thickness,went well my kway teow.

$3.00 portion.Minus the lotus root and the stuff added were less in portion. Taste was good enough.

Fishball Minced Mee.$3.00.The fish ball did not excites but the noodles with the minced pork ,with the chilly was more than decent in taste.The chilly makes the whole dish work here.Very  nice and tasty chilly.

Tong Ji Mian Shi
Golden Mile Food  Centre
505 Beach Road.

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