6 Sep 2014

Duo Ji


Probably the best... Chee Cheong Fun

They only sell chee cheong fun and yam cake.The yam cake was okay but not worthy to mention much.

The chee cheong fun was very special,it was in a class of it's own.It was so smooth,light,thin, slippery almost melts in the mouth.The sauce complimented very well.
This probably has to be the best pre cooked chee cheong fun. I have had.

Only problem opening days Suppose to be closed on Modays.But at times they seem to close as they wish.
Opening hours. suppose to 7.am - 2 p.m but many a times around 11.30 am I been there already closed.
Worth a trip.
Prices from $1.50.

Duo Ji
Chinatown Complex Market
Blk 335 Smith Street

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