21 Sep 2014

Wei Ji Noodle House


A Wan Tan Noodles deserve .....

Just when I thought I have had some of the best wanton mee around .An unexpected wandering around the food centre brought me to this stall, one taste of the noodles.It made a silence wow in me.

Notice numbers of tables having this wan tan mee.at this corner of the food centre With steady stream of regulars.
Before this write did a check up, they are quite popular,for their raw fish noodles.They have two version Salmon and Wolf Herring.
Sorry I am into raw fish.
But somehow there was not much or no mention of their wanton mee.
But their wan tan mee deserve recommendation.
Quite number of visits....

$3.00 version.The char siew were nothing much but good enough.

The noodles looked quite cumby,did not look too appetizing .I did not add any chilly sauce, had it plain.The  noodles were super QQ,prefect.were bursting with flavours.
It was so yummy on it's own..a silence wow was going within me ,this was that good. I finished the whole bowl in a jiffs.
Had another the other with chilly it escalated the taste to another level.Another wow worth mentioning.

The wantons were big fat juicy with pork,chestnut,cuttlefish dust fillings.Each wanton bursted with awesome juicy falvour.

This is their set A $4.00.With additional of a single chicken feet and 2 fried dumpling.The chicken was soft very tender came off the bone at ease.

The fried dumpling were  superb for the price.

I have been here quite a number of times just for their wanton mee.I loved it and I am sure I will be going more when the craving for the wanton.

With or without chilly t this wanton noodles and their stuff rocks.
There among  the best in my list.
Worth a visit.

Wei Ji Noodles House
Chinatown Complex Market
Blk 335 Smith Street

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  1. Wanton Mee Fanatic30 April 2015 at 18:10

    Totally agreed after finally tried it recently.