25 Oct 2014


Authentic Kerala Cuisine

There are only a handful of restaurants here serving Kerala Cuisine.And Swaadhisht is consider one of better ones.

Quite small place, tight pacing .

Plain Rice $2.00 each/Brown Rice $3.50.Plain rice was plain but the brown rice was quite different from the normal brown rice I have eaten.Thick,fat,fluffy was divine eaten with fish curry and the veges.

12 Oct 2014

Dover Road Kai Kee Wanton Noodle

This stall feature in Lost and Found TV show.Though I really do not fancy Gurmit's  recommendation. I do not think he is really foodie.
Though Michelle is a real deal when it comes to food show.
Anyway  this wanton mee looked too good to give amiss in the show.

The wanton noodles was only $2.50.Very generous portion of noodles,char siew and wantons.Had extra wantons.

6 Oct 2014

The Landmark Buffet

Bought some groupon  vouchers for $20.30 for this lunch buffet with little expectation.It was advertise International buffet.But it was very little of others but mainly North Indian and Middle East .

Surprising all the food on the spread in Indian section.....

A nice warm welcome by the staff

We were a bit early before opening time.The place was very neat,very spacious.A decent number of patrons came in groups.