25 Oct 2014


Authentic Kerala Cuisine

There are only a handful of restaurants here serving Kerala Cuisine.And Swaadhisht is consider one of better ones.

Quite small place, tight pacing .

Plain Rice $2.00 each/Brown Rice $3.50.Plain rice was plain but the brown rice was quite different from the normal brown rice I have eaten.Thick,fat,fluffy was divine eaten with fish curry and the veges.

Fried Fish.$4.00.When served hot,a slight crispy bite,spiced added much taste to the fish,once it cool down,tasted like any other  fry fish from a Indian stall.

Mutton Masala.$10.50.Very small portion for the price.Taste was quite okay not spicy.

Varuthu Aracha Chicken .$8.50.Not normal taste,quite tasty.Portion was too little.

Malabar Meen Curry.$9.50.It's 2 pcs fried fishes in thick gravy.The gravy it self did not have much flavour of the fish in it.The fried fish did not compliment the gravy.Maybe if it was fresh fishes it would have given the gravy much need flavour.

Prawn Otathiyatu.$10.50.About 4 or 5 pcs of prawns in this thick sauce,Taste was nice but price for a medium size prawn and portion did not justify.
Mutton Dum Briyani.$11.00.The aroma of the rice was intense.Hit the nose before the taste bud.The aroma justify the taste.
Had very nice flavour and taste.But there were only 3 or 4 small pcs of mutton in the biryani.Not sure if I would buy again for the portion I got.

Crab Curry.$12.00 Bought another after tasting first one.The first one was very fresh tasting with slight mellow tasting, flavours bursting in the mouth.The meat was thick fresh and  tasty,cooked just right.
The second order later was not fresh at all,under cooked had some slight raw flesh and cooked part.

Chicken Roast.$9.50.I was telling waiter they gave me a fish dish instead of chicken.He said it was chicken and it turn out to be chicken.First time I have tasted a chicken that tasted like fried fish in a tangy sauce.

Ayia Porichathu.$4.00.The menu photo showed two fishes but they gave only one .Taste was so so.

Thoran.$4.00/Avial.$4.00.Veges we were these two.The Thoran  was okay but did not excite.
The Avial had a slight sour from yogurt,tangy taste that complimented the rice and the veges. Avial turn out to be one the best I have eaten.

Overall there hits and misses.A small eatery.Taste was quite good for some.
 The portion were mostly too little to justify the price.

But  certainly one of the better ones,we have had for a Kerala dishes.

47 Chander Road

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