6 Oct 2014

The Landmark Buffet

Bought some groupon  vouchers for $20.30 for this lunch buffet with little expectation.It was advertise International buffet.But it was very little of others but mainly North Indian and Middle East .

Surprising all the food on the spread in Indian section.....

A nice warm welcome by the staff

We were a bit early before opening time.The place was very neat,very spacious.A decent number of patrons came in groups.

A very friendly chef goes around to all the tables,chats,takes photo with them and hugs .Very friendly guy.

All veges and the stuff were very fresh and very tasty.

 The spread

Mee rebus did not taste like mee rebus gravy.But it was good in it's own flavours,in it's own way.It had a slight sour,not so thick.Flavour was nice.We loved it.

Briyani rice was fluffy well cooked.
White Rice
Char kway better than most of the Malay stall that offer this dish.

Black Ink Squid soft,tender with some bite ..nice.

Chilly Crab surprising was very good.Lightly fried,kind of soft crab easy to bite.The sauce complimented very well. Easily one of our favourites' of the day.

Fish dish not sure the name.But another surprise which taste quite nice.

This just called mutton koram.But was cuscus in mutton.Mutton was very tender and soft but lacking in salt.

Sweet sour chicken was good enough.

Cabbage in crab sauce.It was whole cabbage nicely blanch in the wonderful sauce.Tasty.

Teriyaki Chicken  was very done.

Pizza my niece loved it.

Live station was pasta.The pasta was very well flavoured and cooked al dent,.I just told the chef to add some ham at end of the cooking.Another friendly chef at the live station.

Indian spread.......

Potato cutlet slight crisp,soft just right.
Dal Makaini as good as any top restaurant.

Paneer was good as any top restaurant  could offer.Just too good.
Mixed vege was good enough.

Butter chicken... what a surprise could easily put some of the top restaurant to shame.This was just fabulous,outstanding.Creamy lightly spiced,wonderful flavours just bursting with every bite.Simply one the better butter chicken I have eaten.

Mutton Curry.Another dish of top quality,was just too good not to notice.The flavours were just top notch.Easily better than some of the top notch restaurants .

Chicken Tikka.Soft,tender fresh smoky char taste.As good as it can be.

Naans.Were freshly baked or was it grilled, were super light,soft,torn easily.Went superbly well with the curries.One of the better naans I have had.

 Dessert spread

Dessert spread

The cakes were very soft fluffy moist very well balance.The chocolate pudding was good.Rest were okay not bad.But all the Malaya kuehs were below average it was quite hard and tastless.

Service was superb...friendly. Glasses  were refilled without asking .Plates were cleared almost immediate.
There was no service charge for the voucher.

Almost all the dishes here were above average.
The Indian dishes were of very high standard surpassed our expectation.It did not taste like a buffet dishes.
One of best Indian food I have eaten even compare with al carte.

With the vouchers $23.30 net for lunch this seems like steal.
Gonna  buy some more vouchers.Surely worth another trip.

If you are interested in groupon voucher here is the link.

The Landmark Buffet
Village Hotel Bugis
390 Victoria Street 

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