28 Nov 2014

Cafe Salivation

I do love Chinese and Indian vegetarian food and quite regularly do have them.This time I decided to give western style vegetarian a try for a change.

It's quite a small place with tables quite close by side.
Went on a thursday afternoon was quite empty.We were the only patrons till the time we left.

$5.00.The fries were really very good.It certainly was not frozen .It was crispy,soft,light finished of in a jiffs

Spaghetti Soya Bolognaise.$12.50.The spaghetti was not over cooked it was cooked right but I could not taste the al dent crunch in it.Taste was good nice but don't expect it to taste like the one with meat.

Spinach Ricotta Cheese Ravioli with White Sauce $13.50.The cheese,white sauce was very rich,quite overpowering, filling was good.Ravioli was smooth soft had nice bite to it.

Four Seasons Pizza.$15.50.The crust was light soft having a good bite.But did not not have a crispy bite to it.Could not taste the base sauce.But still was good enough with nice four different crunchy veges bite.

Lasagne with Soya mince & Spinach.$14.00. Nice sauce,the spinach and soy meat seems quite heavy in taste.The layers were soft easily dissolve in the mouth.

Mexican Rice with Veges.$12.00.Colourful rice with light tomato flavour .The rice was okay,quite nice.The veges seems heavy,very rich in tomato base,.

Latte.$4.50.It was very strong seems like tripe shots.But it was too good not to finish it..

Overall...maybe it was good,But the soya base and tomato base got me after sometime.
Prices were not cheap with GST and service it came to $90.65.
Vegetarian would love this place for their large western style menu.
But if you not a vegetarian, I do not think it would be worth your monies.

Café Salivation
176 Race Course Rd.

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