15 Nov 2014

Heng Ji Chicken Rice

One of most acclaimed chicken rice by food bloggers.

They open late in late afternoon around close to 4.00p.m.And seem to command the queue when  they open till they close here.
I have eaten their chicken rice before couple of times before.

Though rice was fragrant  it's quite broken,at times slightly over cooked.But with full of flavour.

The chicken was certainly old school taste,big, fat,smooth,light not overly tender,with slight toughness but delicately soft.Surely old timers we love this style of chicken.
Liver and gizzard were soft enough.

But the chilly,it's not like any other chicken rice chilly.The first time I had this chilly I was kinda of dissatisfy.But the next couple of times I kinda of found it to be different and found it did blend well with chicken and the rice.

Prices from$2.50

Heng Ji Chicken Rice
Chinatown Complex Market
Blk 335 Smith Street

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