30 Nov 2014

Sio 19 Thai Wanton Mee

Heard the chef chance upon this version when he travelled to Bangkok about 4 years ago, in the northern part of Thailand. He managed to convince the owner to teach him the recipe to him.
That was some 4 years back.

Now open for about 2 years this stall commands  a long queue.Which at times can make a ridiculous  waiting time if you at the wrong time.  And add to it their opening days ..you have to check their face book. when they will be opened.

After checking their face book,Went  there early  around 8.30a.m. on Friday morning.There was a small queue waiting in the queue around waiting was about 10 minutes.

Bought the small and big bowl.

The condiments were self service.Can take as much as you want.

Of these the garlic stood out for me.Add together with the noodles,it does give some extra punch to it.

Small $3.50.A reasonable portion.Ingredients were same as the big portion,expect for one additional stuff in big portion.

Big Bowl.$5.00.Ingredients were char siew it was nothing much.The fried wantons(2 pcs) were crispy had a nice bite.2 pieces of  wantons.
The big portion  had additional ingredient like a drier,more meaty version of Chinese sausage .But was still  nice to eat.

The wantons were fat,plump juicy meaty.Did stood out on it owns.
Should have order a bowl of wanton soup.

The noodles were more than enough for a big eater like mee.
It was cooked right enough,with soft crunch and bite to it,not QQ,But it was good this way.
There seems like no what ever sauce were mixed.
But it had a taste ..like so natural bite to it, you can just eat it this way.
It did not taste like any of our wanton mee noodles.Maybe closer to a kolo mee.
But it was just too good.
Adding the condiment did give more extra brust of life to the whole bowl.

With or without the condiment this wanton does have a life of it's own.
 Eat the noodles as soon as you can ,It dries up very fast but still tastes good.

Sio 19 Thai Wanton Mee
Block 151 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
Coffee Shop.

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