2 Nov 2014


I went there to have the Hakka Yong Tau Fu.But to my surprise the stall was closed a walk around the food centre,saw a new stall with a steady stream of people patronize this stall.
Out of curiosity just peek at the stall, with very generous greetings from the stall owners,to have closer look.
Told me they just open about 2 months only.They were selling simple  Chee Cheong Fun and some yong tau fu stuff.

Trying to be different in their Chee Cheong Fun($2.15) was served with vegetarian crispy goose meat and some fish cake like stuff.The chee cheong fun was reasonably smooth and soft enough.The added stuff did go very well with the wonderful light sweet sauce,and tasty chilly .It was very nice I went back to try the some of the other stuffs they had.

They had very little stuff on display to pick from.

They fry the stuff we choose.They gave me some extra bonus crispy vegetarian stuff .The stuffs all tasted crispy, very fresh.All the stuff went wonderfully well with same sweet and the chilly sauce as the above.
There were no noodles or rice for yong tau fu.I don't think the rice or noodle would have gone well with these style yong tau fu.They are meant to be eaten this way.
I loved the sauce ,crispiness and freshness of the dish.

I don't mind going again to have this.

Tampines Round Market & Food Centre
137 Tampines Street 11

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