13 Dec 2014

Yi You

Almost dry,not moist but ...

After  a small shopping went down the near by, Jalan Berseh Food Centre.Thought of having fish soup.The long queue was turn off.Walk around saw this stall.The display of the Char siew and Sio bak looked something special.

Char siew/Sio bak mix $3.00.Does look much but just spoon of rice close to mouth could feel fragrant.The rice was fragrant,well cooked just right. The sauce added to the taste.
The char siew and sio bak okay let's take closer look.

Sio Bak $5.00.The sio bak was meaty,almost no fats. Dry,but a Big BUT,this  had very old school taste to it. Dry,not moist but it had this very special taste to it.It was very soft,tender almost melts in the mouth feel to it.It's not juicy but you don't miss it anything in the taste. It was just heavenly in the mouth.
Love the taste.
This sio bak brought back some old memories and places to me

Char Siew $5.00.It had no fats too.Not moist but it too had this old school taste to it.It was very soft,very tender.Taste was just right.Nice.I liked it too.

Roasted Chicken(drum stick) with Sio bak wiith rice.$5.00.Sorry the chicken was very dry,hard,it did not taste well in the dry state.

Overall I do not mind going again for the sio bak and the char siew. with or without the rice.

Yi You
Cantonsese Hong Kong Roast                                                            
 #02-56 Berseh Food Centre
166 Jalan Besar,

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