21 Sep 2014

Wei Ji Noodle House


A Wan Tan Noodles deserve .....

Just when I thought I have had some of the best wanton mee around .An unexpected wandering around the food centre brought me to this stall, one taste of the noodles.It made a silence wow in me.

Notice numbers of tables having this wan tan mee.at this corner of the food centre With steady stream of regulars.

14 Sep 2014

Hakka Yong Tau Foo

                                           This stall has closed!

This stall always command a long queue.The days I been there the queue never seems to end.

Trays of trays of  wide variety of items arranged in rows and still topping up with different item as I was picking my items.

6 Sep 2014


Chee Cheong Fun

Another smooth,soft,slippery chee cheong fun with quite nice sauce, which is worth a try.

Duo Ji


Probably the best... Chee Cheong Fun

They only sell chee cheong fun and yam cake.The yam cake was okay but not worthy to mention much.