10 Apr 2015

World Street Food Congress 2015

World Street Food Congress 2015

First be warned portion are super small and prices are super large(high).If that's not a problem then treat this like tasting session to try out varieties of street food at a high end restaurant price.

I have eagerly waited for this event to come for two years ..... but..

Indonesia: Soto Ayam Ambengan from Pak Sadi Soto Ambengan.$8.00.This mee ayam was a big hype for it , won the street food challenge sometime back..This was certainly different from the usual mee soto.

They using what tasted like Vietnam glass noodles.Taste was light ,mellow faint flavour of chicken and fish.With sambal it spicy hot.But not enough flavour bursting the mouth..Our very mee or soto ayam as much more stock,flavour and kick to it.

Philippines:Pepita's Kitchen's Lechon stuffed with truffle rice.$13.80.It was not ready to serve yet,was told the stall  might be ready in 10 to 15 minutes.Got back  queue was formed .Waited for about 30 minutes  with just 6 people in front me.Service was really at tortoise pace.

Taste wise it was not that crispy just light faint crispy bite to it.The pork was flavoured beautifully just right,went very well with the truffle rice.The highlight was the truffle rice.Almost like our glutinous rice but more flavour and seasoning.I did like it.

Austin, Texas: Chicken Inasal Taco with Fried Chicken Skin from East Side King.$9.00 Chicken marinated in lime, pepper and vinegar with bits of crispy chicken skin .Fold the taco and in your mouth was bursting of the flavours.Did feel nice in the mouth.With some faint light crackling of  the chicken skin.
First they served 3 pcs.Second day they were serving only 2 pcs.

Kinilaw $9.00.  Made with diced snake-head fish, red onion, coconut vinegar, fragrant Japanese Yuzu and Thai chilies.Some light milky cream taste to it.Fish had a crunchy bite to it.

 Malaysia fried turnip lettuce wrap with black satay.$9.00. This was just turnip with what tasted more a dark soy pork.Did not do anything for my taste bud.

BOLIVIA:Gustu Melting Pot Boliva. $10.00. (Skewered meat with boiled potatoes) from Restaurant Gutsu.It written pork but tasted more to chicken.

USA:Bon Chovie Deep Fried Shisamo.$10.00.A very friendly cheerful owner.The fish was very well seasoned.Tatsy even without the mayo.

From head to the tail full of roes.For those love this fish won't be disappointed.The fries can be done without.

Thailand:Hoy tord from Hoy Tord Chao Lay.$10.00.This was probably the best dish in this event.Loved crispy side edges,the soft centre with the oyster was just too yummy.The Oyster were really super fresh,Not single fishy flavour in the mouth. This dish can put of our own top stalls to second.A must try at this event.

Malaysia: Apom from Penang Apom Manis.$4.50.Another worth and the cheapest dish .Sweet Apom.No sauce,no gravy.Very Crispy,soft light spongy centre.Tasted like a Apom love letter.

Philippines: Sisig in wonton cups from Bale Dutung.$9.00.Done with pork ears, cheek and jowl.Sorry this dish did not work for me.Had very strong after taste to did.Did not finish it.

Vietnam: Bahn Can and Banh Xeo from BánhCăn 38.$9.00.This stall was filling smoke to the whole area.Grilled over an old school charcoal claypot stove- a technique that won them a UNESCO heritage award.With smoke heat in their face the two sisters offer no smile, nor no look, just cook.
They were serving both version in one plate.

Indonesia: Gudeg from Gudeg Yu Nap.$10.00.I had this minus the beef.The guy offer to had extra wing I declined.Now for taste,very sweet tasting jackfriut,sweet tasting chicken wing,even the tempeh was sweet tasting.Maybe for the sweet tooth

Indonesia: Kupat Tahu from Kupat Tauhu Gempol.$7.00.Some smoky taste to the sauce was kinda of okay.But nothing much compare to a normal own gado gado.

India:Pradeep Sweets.Puri Subji.$6.00. had heavy taste of glee,it was soft.light Served with light thick vegetarian gravy and side salad.The puri went well with the gravy.Okay taste.

German: Bratworks.Bratwurst Combo.$10.00.The sign shows from Germany but these guy did no it travel for this event from Germany they from Raffles Place.
Had the Bratwurst  combo it was good as it gets.

USA:Churros Locos.$8.00.These are Spanish Fried  Cinnamon Donuts served with home made vanilla ice cream.

I have waited eagerly for this event to come for two years ..... but.. This Street Food Congress 2015 compare to Street Food Congress 2013 pales in comparison.

In 2013 I had some of the dishes twice or more.Here I hardly got excited with any of the dish.

But then again the organizers do have bring in new stalls to the game.

World Street Food Congress 2015
 Field opposite Parco Bugis, at the corner of Rochor and North Bridge Roads
MRT: Bugis
Last 2 days.
 Saturday and Sunday (April 11 and 12), 1 to 11pm.